How to use the IMA's Virtual Park

In this section, you will find exercise routines.

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Exercises at home

Staying home doesn't mean stay still; keeping your body active is key to a healthy mind and body, here you will find exercises to perform at home.

*Please contact your doctor before performing any exercises shown here

Tai Chi exercises with IMA part 1

Learn some Tai-Chi exercises part 1

Tai Chi exercises with IMA part 2

Learn some Tai-Chi exercises part 2

Exercise for upper body strength

Yalin Caceres, Wellness Center Coordinator of North Lakeland.

Disclosure: This virtual space is exclusively dedicated to the entertainment of our patients if you doubt your ability to perform any of the suggested physical activities, consult your IMA doctor.
Last Update: 05/01/20

Please contact your IMA Wellness Center for more information.

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